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Since the Edo Period, popular theater has been a beloved pastime of the general public. Yumoriza hosts popular theater composed of three elements—plays, dances, and shows with popular songs. Yumoriza holds a different performance every month by inviting popular theater groups from throughout Japan. Please enjoy the powerful impact of these live performances.

About popular theater

What is popular theater?

Unlike high-class theater or middle-class theater, popular theater consists of plebeian performances aimed at the general public. Although no official definition exists, popular theater is characterized by highly-amusing plays, short distance between the audience and performers, and reasonable theater prices. In the past, popular theater was also known as travel theater, playhouse theater, and vaudeville theater. Popular theater features public performances at relatively small theaters and facilities.

The more you know, the more interesting it is!

How to enjoy popular theater

  • すぐ目の前にある臨場感

    Power of live performances right in front of your eyes

    The short distance to the stage makes the audience feel like they are part of the show. Tears, laughter, and deep emotion are shared in these special atmospheres woven by performers and the audience.

  • 役者との距離の近さ

    Short distance to performers

    Depending on the contents of the plays and dances, performers sometimes descend to audience seating. This close distance is a unique aspect of popular theater.

  • 劇団ごとの演出

    Distinct performances by each theatrical group

    Even the same program will feature unique performance elements and special arrangement of the script. Viewing the distinct techniques of each theater group is another enjoyable element of popular theater.

  • 掛け声

    Shouts of encouragement

    Also known as hancho (a phrase originating from reference to “half a tatami mat”), shouts of encouragement are mainly heard at Japanese dance shows. The audience feels a sense of unity through applause at high points of the performance and clapping in rhythm to songs.

  • お花をつける

    Giving ohana

    Ohana refers to congratulatory gifts and presents given to performers. The style and timing of giving ohana requires the sensibility and consideration of a true fan.

  • 送り出し

    Sending off performers

    Many fans look forward to this time after a performance. The send-off is filled with handshaking, speeches, and commemorative photographs. Although short, the send-off time is an important interaction among performers and audience members.

Reservations for theater seats (fee required)

Theater seat reservations


Reservation contact 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Inquiries other than reservations059-332-2611

Reservations for theater dining plans

Sold at the front desk or by telephone from ten days prior to the desired date.
*Reservations can be made from parties of two.
*Reservations are accepted up to two days prior to the desired date.

Reservations for theater seats only

Sold at the front desk starting from ten days prior to the desired date.
*Tickets issued in exchange for seat fees.

Sold via telephone starting from ten days prior to the desired date.
*Fees are paid on the day of the performance. Please inquire at the front desk on the day of the performance.

Sold at the front desk on the day of the performance.
*Tickets issued in exchange for seat fees.

Table of Theater Seat Reservation Plans

Dining and theater seat reservation plan Seat type
A Seat(table)Seated cross-legged B Seat(table)Low armchair BX Seat(table)Seat S SeatSquare box seat
Shokado-style compartment bento(lunchbox) Not available Not available Not available 2,660 yen
Hana Kiwami(course) 3,524 yen 3,524 yen 3,524 yen Not available
Yu(course) 2,768 yen 2,768 yen 2,768 yen Not available
Tsuki(course) 2,228 yen 2,228 yen 2,228 yen Not available
Seating only (no dining) Seat type
A Seat(table)Seated cross-legged B Seat(table)Low armchair BX Seat(table)Seat S SeatSquare box seat 2nd Floor P SeatCounter
Only seating reservations 500 yen 500 yen 500 yen 800 yen 500 yen
No seating reservations Please sit in open seats. Not available Not available

*When reserving seats, normal dining is possible at table seat (A Seat, B Seat, and BX Seat).

Important Notes

*Please note that we cannot accept gifts (cakes, etc.) for performers.
*Cancellation fees are charged when cancelling on the day of a performance.
*Please note that entrance fees to Yumoriza are not included.
*Please return your reserved seating card to the front desk after the performance.

Table of Theater Seating

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