Local specialties and gourmet food

Kacho-Yugetsu creates unique flavors using special local ingredients.
Chefs spend great amounts of time and care to transform classic dishes into sumptuous cuisine.


Konnyaku (devil’s tongue jelly) skewers basted in Isegura miso



Isegura is a venerable brewery that has made miso in Yokkaichi City for five generations. The miso is made using unique techniques that have been handed down throughout generations. Isegura insists on making miso with superior richness and flavor.


Special chilled Szechuan noodles



Founded in 1886, Kuki Sangyo has a long history as a dedicated manufacturer of sesame seed products. These Szechuan noodles use high-value sesame seeds which are made using traditional techniques for peace of mind.


Seasonal mixed rice cooked in an iron pot


Enjoy rice which has been slowly steamed in order to lock in seasonal flavors.

Seasonal cuisine

Seafood procured from local ports has been carefully selected for seasonal freshness and quality.

Enjoy savory flavors unique to each season.

Assortment of five fresh fish

Assortment of five fresh fish


Assorted sushi

Assorted sushi

Three types: 518yen
Six types: 1,080yen

Soba and udon noodles

Our menu features a wide variety of soba noodles with sumptuous aroma and savory ingredients.
Also, our handmade udon noodles can be enjoyed both hot and cold.


Zaru soba noodles with tempura


This scrumptious dish combines the mouthwatering aroma which is inherent to plain soba noodles and the light crunchiness of tempura.

Zaru udon noodles

Zaru udon noodles


The refreshing texture of these noodles is unmatched.


Kaiseki cuisine & set meals

Enjoy kaiseki (full course) cuisine spanning from nabe (hotpot) dishes to sweets.
Set meals feature a variety of our specialty side dishes.

Special kaiseki cuisine 5,940yen

Nadai Hanakago set meal 1,598yen

Obanzai set meal 1,328yen

*All prices include tax.

Ofuro Café Group

  • おふろcafé utatane
  • おふろcafé 白寿の湯
  • おふろcafé bivouac
  • おふろcafé 美肌湯

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