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Video introducing how to spend time at Ofuro Café Yumoriza

Baths, theater, cuisine, café, naps, chatting with your friends…
In these videos, models experience the limitless ways of enjoying “Ofuro Café & My Style.”
How will you enjoy your time at Ofuro Café Yumoriza?

Ofuro Café & My Style

Model enjoying Ofuro Café

Mizuki Kita

Mizuki is a medical assistant at a hospital in Ise City. While at university, Mizuki was a member of OFR, which led her to develop a fondness in bathhouses.

Ofuro Café & My Style

Model enjoying Ofuro Café

Mai Shiota  
Juri Tago

Mai works as a care manager and Juri is a salesperson. Both of them enjoy spending time at cafes in their free time. Mai and Juri are fascinated by the excitement of live performances of popular theater which is a unique feature of Ofuro Café Yumoriza.

Photo gallery of time spent at Yumoriza

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