Spending Time With Us


How to spend time at Ofuro Café YumorizaWhat kind of person are you?

In the spacious and comfortable environment at Yumoriza,
you are sure to find the perfect way to spend your time.

I'm a

  • I like time alone! I like time alone!

    I like time alone!

    I like time alone so that I can be independent and free!
    Compared to being at home, the comfort of Yumoriza lets me relax and concentrate more on my work and studies!

    Ofuro Café & My Style (Mizuki Kita)
  • We like to be together! We like to be together!

    We like to be together!

    We like to be together so that we can have fun and excitement as a group!
    We just relax, enjoy chatting, and having fun together…it’s kind of like a pajama party?!

    Ofuro Café & My Style (Mai Shiota and Juri Tago)

I'm a

  • Theater performance! Theater performance!

    Theater performance!

    Please enjoy watching theater performances, particularly the proximity to performances and the power of the popular theater style!
    Look forward to the differences in the monthly performances at Yumoriza!

    About the Theater
  • Bath! Bath!


    Delight yourself with the relaxing warmth and refreshing feeling of taking a bath, and unwind in a large bath! Since there is unlimited use of baths during your stay, you can use them whenever you want for as long as you want!

    About Baths
  • Gourmet! Gourmet!


    If you’re a gourmet, nothing makes you happier than delicious food!
    True pleasure comes from flavorful dishes made from famous local ingredients! Just thinking about it makes you smack your lips!

    About the Restaurant Kacho-Yugetsu
  • Spa treatment! Spa treatment!

    Spa treatment!

    Relax and become beautiful by spa treatments!
    You can’t wait to entrust yourself to the hands of relaxation professionals who bring beauty to both mind and body! (Reception is located behind the shop on the 1st floor.)

    About Spa Treatments
  • Do whatever strikes your fancy! Do whatever strikes your fancy!

    Do whatever strikes your fancy!

    Please spend your time at Yumoriza enjoying whatever strikes your fancy—fresh-brewed coffee, magazines, comics, board games, naps, and more!
    It’s enjoyable time only possible at Ofuro Café!


I'm a

  • Common area! Common area!

    Common area!

    If you want to spend the night in a spacious environment, it’s our common area!
    By purchasing the Unlimited Course and paying Late-Night Fees, you can stay at Yumoriza until 9:00 AM!

    About Fees
  • Capsule hotel! Capsule hotel!

    Capsule hotel!

    Staying in a capsule hotel lets you spend a relaxing and restful night in a private space!
    The private booths are available for women!

    About the Capsule Hotel Hatagoya

Video introducing how to spend time at Ofuro Café Yumoriza

Baths, theater, cuisine, café, naps, chatting with your friends…
In these videos, models experience the limitless ways of enjoying “Ofuro Café & My Style.”
How will you enjoy your time at Ofuro Café Yumoriza?

Ofuro Café & My Style

Model enjoying Ofuro Café

Mizuki Kita

Mizuki is a medical assistant at a hospital in Ise City. While at university, Mizuki was a member of OFR, which led her to develop a fondness in bathhouses.

Ofuro Café & My Style

Model enjoying Ofuro Café

Mai Shiota  
Juri Tago

Mai works as a care manager and Juri is a salesperson. Both of them enjoy spending time at cafes in their free time. Mai and Juri are fascinated by the excitement of live performances of popular theater which is a unique feature of Ofuro Café Yumoriza.

Photo gallery of time spent at Yumoriza

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